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  • Start Location - Goring-on-Thames - Morrell Room, Streatley, Reading, RG89HT 

  • Finish Location -Streatley - Morrell Room, Streatley, Reading, RG89HT

  • Date - Wednesday 26th of June 2019 10am Start, Registration from 8:00am.

  • Cut off - 100 hours for the whole event ( Individual cut offs at checkpoints - see CP list at bottom)

  • Terrain - Mainly rural towpaths and footpaths with some stretches of urban areas

  • Cost - £175 which includes a Finishers Medal (When you finish) and a Commemerative Hoodie for all Starters

  • Navigation - Maps of route provided laminated. Download Maps below.

  • Tracking - All runners will tracked via GPS trackers and the link will be made available to all spectators and supporter

  • Poles - No walking poles allowed on this event

  • Facilities - There will be changing and toilets at the start and finish and at some checkpoints, there will be sleeping tents available after 75 miles and various hot and cold foods and drinks available at some checkpoints. Do not expect 5 stars or even any stars!

  • Drop Bags - You will be permitted up to 2 average sized drop bags which will be transported to each CP for you. Please ensure stuff inside is protected from the weather, we will try to keep them dry but they may get wet

  • Support - No outside support is allowed during the race except at Checkpoint locations, Family and friends can only give you physical support and food/kit assistance at Checkpoint locations. Please respect this as its part of the challenge of the race and if runners are to be found in breach of this rule they risk disqualification at any stage of the race. (Runners are allowed to purchase food from shops along the way)

  • Pacers/Buddy Runners - No pacers or buddy runners are allowed apart from meeting someone at a checkpoint runners are not allowed to travel any distance with anyone other than a runner. Again please respect this as rnners risk disqualification for breaching this rule.


  • Compulsory Kit List - The following kit must be carried at all times during the race:

1 Litre of Fluids - You must have the ability to carry this as a minimum but we would advise more when shops may not be open such as late at night.

Full Waterproof cover - Thats top and Bottoms folks, must be waterproof not windproof. Its for your safety. (taped seams)

Hat or Buff - Again for insurance against cold or wet weather

Food - You must be self sufficient between checkpoints of about 25 miles apart which late in the race could take you 8+ hours to cover. You cannot rely on places to buy stuff especially at night please ensure you take enough with you - If we think you are not carrying enough we will insist you take more.

Mobile Phone - For Emergency and must have battery/charging facilities to last the full 4 days - Stay off twitter and Facebook etc unless you really know it will last and be there when you need it. If we know your phone is dead we will not let you leave a checkpoint untill it has at least 50% charge.

Head Torch - Must be worn at night and carried if its likely to get dark before you get to the next Checkpoint - If marshals tell you to take it do not argue with them, take it!

Failure to abide by any of theses rules and you run the risk of disqualification and the RD's decision is final.

MAPS Below are the race maps - you will get a laminated set at each CP as you progress. There is also a link to download

the full route including CP locations.













Below is a link to details of  each checkpoint and what will be provided plus the cut off times and pace required etc.

Work in progress - Below are the links to CP locations and timings. Please note these may change slightly before the event and be updated. Final versions will be here at least 1 month before the event although these are good enough for reference and planning and pretty cose to 100%




Section 1 Section 1B Section 2 Section 2B Section 3 Section 3B Section 4 Section 4B Section 5 Section 5B Section 6 Section 6B Section 7 Section 7B Section 8 Section 8B Section 9 Section 9B Section 10 Section 10B CP open times & Cut Offs 2015 CP Sites 2015 Download complete route .gpx file including diversion Live Race Tracking

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