Dick Kearn and Anthony Taylor the creators of this great race unfortunatley decided to hang up their race directors shoes after the 3rd running of the event in 2013. They were obviously keen for the race to continue as were the Trail Running Association so another Race Director was sought.


The new race director is now Lindley Chambers who is an experienced Ultra Runner and also Race Director and owner of Challenge Running. He has been involved with the TR250 in the last 4 editions, as a volunteer in 2011 and a runner (DNF) in 2013 and the Race Director for 2015 and 2017 so understands the race as well as anyone and really wants it to continue and grow to be even more successful.


To Contact Lindley please email to ask any questions.


Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions below and search the site BEFORE emailing silly questions such as "how do I enter" or "what flavour crisps will be at CP3". I do have a day job and dont sit around awating your questions all day.


Common FAQ's


Is windproof sufficient in place of waterproof Jacket/Trousers?

No waterproof and with taped seams is the minimum standard that will be accepted, your kit will be checked at registration and you will not be allowed to run if you do not have one. Also if you do not carry it during the race you risk disqualification.


How strict are the cut offs?

The cut offs are very generous escpecially at the beginning and if you do not leave the checkpoint by cut off time you will be pulled from the race with the only exception being if you have stayed with an injured runner you will be given time to catch up by the next cutoff time.


If I want to sleep where will I sleep?

All checkpoints after 76miles will have 2 x 2 person pop up tents to allow runners a chance to sleep, you need to tell the staff when you want woken up and must leave before cut off time. You will use your own sleeping bags and only the tent and roll mat will be provided.


What food will be at checkpoints?

The food at various checkpoints wil differ depending on distance and location and facilities, as a minimum we will have fruit, nuts, water, coke, squash, biscuits, cold meats, sweets and chocolate. At most we will try to have hot drinks and soup and possibly hot food such as hot dogs and bacon butties or burgers.

For vegetarian runners we will have vegetable soup and possibly veggie sausages etc.

You are of course allowed to purchase food along the way so I expect you wil not starve!


Can I have a crew or pacer?

No under no circumstances can anyone other than another runner in the race run with you for any distance, any supporters you have in the race are more than welcome to cheer you on at any point but must not give you any physical assistance unless at a checkpoint.